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Sales Business Development Professional(IC)
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Full-time Regular
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1. The men and women whose ages are about 22-30 are unlimited;
2. University degree above,major in CS/Business preferred, CET-4~CET-6;Well-trained in the computer operation,acquaint with an usage to transact software(OFFICE series) and well-trained in network & software(IE,OUTLOOK),etc;
3. Good communication skill,Acquaint with foreign trade and have a best method & technique to sale the IC product,At least 1 year work experience;
4. Honest, enthusiastic, steady; Can take initiative, speedy, attentive and effective action; Can aggressively beat into the new market; Willing to continuously work under big pressure and deal with complicated environment;
5. To have the strong ability which is connect single; Have the experience of IC product and the customers is good. Treatment:basic salary + lift.
Note: Please intention and ability to interview, in both English and Chinese into personal curriculum vitae.
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